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The Dark Truth of Making Money Online- You Might Got it All Wrong

Is making money online real? Why does people get turn off by the idea of internet marketing? The internet is like a huge galaxy bombarded with many make money programs, it is not as transparent as brick and mortar business. The relative low cost enable anyone to start an online business, say anything they want and do whatever they want. Nevertheless, you will see all sort of marketing strategy or deceptive tactics…

Who is to blame? Customer or Marketer? it depends… and here’s why….

internet-marketing-galaxy Make Money Online Truth

If you want to start an online business, you will be attracted by online entrepreneurship program.
If you want to market for your business, you will be attracted by program that teaches you social media marketing.
If you want to increase sales, you will be attracted by marketing strategy or sales tactics programs.
If you want short cut to get rich quick, you will be attracted by done for you programs.

Yes, customer buy solution… In contrary,

If you use emotional-based marketing, you will attract people who don’t mind pulling out the wallet for you.
If you use brand-based marketing, you will attract loyalty customer.
If you use buzz marketing, you will attract lots of flies.
If you use $+fast result oriented marketing, you will attract dumbass dreamers.

Customer are subconsciously unaware that they are emotionally attached when they buy!

You see, a marketer job is to strategize a way in persuading a customer to take action in buying.
As a customer, you need to constantly remind yourself that you buy solution, so don’t get too excited by how attractive a marketing campaign is when serve to you.

Take away key point:
Customer: Know what you want, buy what you need.
Marketer: Market with intelligence, facts, honesty and substance in your marketing to attract quality customer.