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Stage 4: Internet Marketing

Stage-4-Internet-Marketing- Earn Money Online

Before I begin, I have 2 separate advice for:

1. Beginner who wants to learn how to earn money online:

It may seem mystifying for you at the beginning on how people actually earn money online and there’s only two reasons: They either make money with money or they use their knowledge to make more money online (I will explain this later) .

The fastest way to make money is to make money with money, this is how the riches become richer. They understand that the power of leverage will help them to accomplish greater goals, with less effort. That’s the smartest thing to do, hiring someone who can do the job faster and better than you and using system to automate for their business.

But what about beginner who wants to make money with no money to begin with? Knowledge and skill!

Frankly speaking, making money requires lots of hard work especially in the initial stage. I know everyone of us are busy in life and there are a portion of people who wants to make money quick with less effort. Yes, there’s a way to do this but it’s against many of our life principles. I don’t know about you but there are people who are lured by unethical business like Pyramid and MLM programs. There’s usually no values in the program, just money passing around. Sadly, some can do anything for money at the expense of breaking their own principles and some who just follows blindly on what have been taught.  

I hope as a beginner, you can do yourself a favor by googling online to check on the company’s background before making any decision. This is to protect yourself against making any costly mistakes in life. Don’t succumb to temptations on just making money because that is not life purpose at all.

You see, if you want to earn money online ethically, you need to have something in exchange, it’s applies for brick and mortar business too. The only different is that you are using the online platform to sell your products/services. It’s business, an online business but at the same time, you need to promote your products/services online. Many struggles and failed because of the lack of knowledge, the lack of internet marketing basics. As a beginner, if you want to make money with no money to begin with, go back to the basic of internet marketing first.

2. Entrepreneur or small business owner who wish to start an online business or to grow their business:

The “build it and they will come” mindset is one of the reason why many entrepreneur failed when they are just starting out. And let’s face it, as an entrepreneur, you are often facing the challenge of having limited resources like time, money and knowledge when you first started out.

Sometimes, you may hear about the overnight entrepreneur success stories who started with little capital and the underlying reason is because they have the knowledge!
One of the most important knowledge is internet marketing. As every business is unique and required different strategies with the use of different platform, it is important that entrepreneur is equip with a foundation of internet marketing first, this way it will allow you to identify certain strategies or tactics that works best for your online business.

If you think that the internet is a lot easier and less costly now for entrepreneur like you to build and reach out to your target audience, then you will never be able to succeed. Without any proper planning from the internet knowledge you have, your efforts and money will be gone to waste.

Hence, as a general rule of thumb, start with a solid foundation of internet marketing. It is significantly important as an entrepreneur to be equipped with internet marketing knowledge that allows you to plan for a better strategy or tactics to increase website traffic, higher conversion, more email opt in, just to name a few… after all, you want to make your efforts and dollars well spent to accomplish your business’s goals.

Understanding the science of Internet marketing is one of  the underlying principle of how people get more successful in making money and growing their businesses. It is not a complex topic at all because many individual are learning bits of pieces of how to earn money online and bits and pieces of business strategy and tactics which are being taught online.
To begins with, you need to start laying bricks, a solid foundation before beginning to understand how internet marketing will help in your business success. This way, you will see the big picture, the science of internet marketing which allows you to have a well planned and flawlessly executed strategy in place.

Before you begins to study the science of internet marketing, I would advice you to know what is your profitable niche (Product or service) you have in mind before you begins on your internet marketing learning journey. If you have not done so, you can read more here. This would definitely help you to explore more ideas and inspiration to come out with strategy and tactics for your business’ goals while you are going through the science of internet marketing learning.

I am not sure what your level of marketing knowledge is but I know there are some who are starting with zero knowledge so if you are one of those, make sure you have the following bases covered, and that I mean starting from understanding traditional marketing (4Ps & 7Ps Marketing Mix), although it may not always work but some still does.

Okay, let’s begin now…




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