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Stage 3: Business Empire

Stage-3-Business-EmpireLet’s get down to the Nitty Gritty part of starting your online business empire: The hardest part where all the time and efforts are to be spent on when you just begins your online business.

First Step: A success online business empire begins with a well supported pillar.
Just think about your business empire like a house. Before you build a house, you would need a house architecture drawing like how many rooms you need, the size of the rooms, where the pillars are needed before the constructions takes place. 
This concept relates to what you need to do before you start constructing a website. 

You need to plan how you want to categorized or sort the information like how many pages are needed (E.g. About, Home, Contact, Products, Testimonial), the shopping cart system process, CTA for each web pages if any and etc.
Having all these in mind before constructing your website allows you to head to the right route in achieving your goals.

Second Step: Once you have renovated your house; your website, you can then invite your friends over. Yes, you need to create awareness about your website in order to generate traffic to your website, otherwise you will not have sales at all. You can do this with search engine marketing and social media marketing. Yes, this means you need to learn how to apply SEO to your website and how to create a Facebook page or group etc…

Third Step: Even if you have all the visitor coming to your website, you want to make sure they can be converted to a paying customer. Having sales is an important factor for your business to survive and there are only 3 ways to increase online sales.

  • Increase the number of customers,
  • Increase the average order size,
  • Increase the number of repeat purchases.

Yes, it is not the fastest route to success. In reality, you need all the determination and hardwork that involves all the nitty gritty part to build the online business empire.

As an entrepreneur, you have to think like a salesperson and marketer when you design a website. Beside identifying your business goals to work for your site, your job also include strategizing every little steps from bringing the greatest convenience to your clients (Cut short the buying process like filling up their details), providing ease of use in finding infos (Contact no. found on your site), persuading your potential customer to purchase (Writing a persuasive sales letter) or to perform a specific CTA instruction like (“Sign up now” or “Visit our store today”).

Although you may think that these are all secondary factors to you, but all these little stuffs matters! When you create an overall good experience to your customer, your customer will fall in love with your business. You want to care and nurture that kind of relationships with your customers because it is part of growing a successful online business.

Are you Struggling? 

You read it, learn it, know it but you don’t know how to do it.
Sounds familiar?
What is preventing you from taking action may be all the nitty gritty part of setting up an online business like building a website which is not within your professions.

Yes, most of the time, this is the first mental block of not taking action.
I struggled as well, yes it happened to me when I first started my online business, in fact this is my first website created.
I have no technical knowledge or anything like that to create a website and blog.
I don’t know anything about starting a business and I am not great at writing sales copy, I started everything from zero.
In fact, this is my first site created.

I feel you so I rather help you whole heartily with this step by step beginner guide I’ve created.

Let Me Help You!
*** Easy 4 Steps Beginner Guide ***

Build a Website
Generating Awareness and Driving Traffic
Leads Generation
 Increasing ROI


BUILD-A-WEBSITE How To Start An Online BusinessStep 1
Choosing a Hosting package and Domain name – Click to View
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GENERATE-AWARNESS-AND-DRIVING-TRAFFIC How To Start An Online Business***Step 2: Stay Tune***

LEAD-GENERATION How To Start An Online Business***Step 3: Stay Tune***

INCREASING-ROI How To Start An Online Business***Step 4: Stay Tune***



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