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maldive-jamie-simHi, I’m Jamie Sim, thanks for visiting my site.
If this is your first time here, I hope you can get to know more About Me first so you know what drives me here and how I can help you with.

Who Is This Site For?
● If you are new to the world of internet marketing and wants to learn how to make money online, looking for ways to work from home, starting your online business through blogging, affiliate marketing, doing e-commence etc.

● If you own a business, small enterprise, is an online entrepreneur who wish to grow your business and sales.

This website will be for you.

I want to help connect like minded people like you who has the entrepreneur itch to move forward in starting your online business venture. It contains lots of information and tips, resources and tools that will help you get started on your first online business… and to grow your business and maximize your profits. 

Please do yourself a favor by reading the entire guide. I hope it will change your way of thinking in making money online and inspire you to create your own success path.
Not everyone I know have completed reading this guide, I hope you are not one of them because you are the only person who can create your own success in life.

5 critical stages of a success business Starting a Business5 Critical Stages of a Success Online Business
Yes, starting an online business is never easy especially if you are just starting out. So to prepare you to take your giant leaps forward, I will walk you through the stages that you are currently in, so you can identify which is the critical stage that you need to stay focus on in order to improve and achieve the result that you need.

If you are just starting out to learn how to make money online, it is extremely important to go through the 5 critical stages step by step. Cultivating a wealthy intelligent mindset is critically important before you start your online business and making money.

If you already own a business and just want to grow your business and maximize your profits, you probably can skip the first few stages. But if you have the time, I would recommend you to go through all the 5 critical stages as you might be missing a few elements here and there…

Here’s why….

what you know you don't know

You might not realized it, but you might probably falls under the BLUE or ORANGE zone (See image above). They are the dangerous zone and as a entrepreneur, you should avoid it.

You want to make yourself falls under YELLOW zone, because having all the knowledge is what allows you to have all the critical, reasonable and logical thinking to come out with the best solution. That is what makes a person successful… even the successful people are continuous learning everyday. 

However, many people didn’t realized that they are in the ORANGE zone (Danger zone) till they learn bout it. This is hazardous as it will prevent you from thinking out of the box.

Humans are funny, for some, they know that they falls under the BLUE zone. However, most of us choose to ignore it, we choose to ignore because the problem is an unimportant one or probably due to the busy life of ours. Unless the task is urgent or set to priority, we will then proactively look for a solution or answer quickly. Yet, this may be already too late for some of us. For instance, a company’s sale may have decrease for a few months, they chose to ignore it during the few months till they finally seek for help, but it may be too late because they might already have a cashflow problem by then…

My point is that, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have all sorts of knowledge and sometime, you need to read all sorts of books about things you never thought you will be reading at all. So invest yourself in lifelong learning… you will never regret it.

5 Critical Stages of a Success Online Business:

Stage 1: Personal Development

Your mindset is important in every business stages but it is most crucial and wiser to cultivate a healthy mindset before you start any business. Without developing and having the positive mindset, you will not have the fuel of passion and energy to move you forward. 

In this session, you will also learn about the hard truth of starting an online business to prepare yourself ahead of the journey.

  • The pursuit of happiness, success and money: How to be successful in life
  • What the school failed to teach you
  • Cultivating a healthy mindset
  • Knowledge and experience is success
  • The technology revolution is faster than we think- Love it or lose it
  • The hard truth of starting your online business

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business-developmentStage 2: Business Development

At this stage, you are required to find a profitable niche market to start your online business, something that you have a passion on. It is critically important for you to plan and do your research in order to finalized the niche.

Don’t rush into it in even after you pick a niche, you need to think strategically in terms of how you idea can make money because often many people try to do and manage all aspect of the business function, from marketing, recruiting, website designing etc.. eventually, it left them with less time doing what they enjoy most. However, having said that, don’t end up become the doer, doing one particular task. Your job as an entrepreneur is to run a business and you are accountable of running a successful business.

To avoid that, you will learn about the online monetization framework, the sales funnel, the power of leveraging etc so it can give you more ideas and creativity when you start building your business empire.

  • Find a Profitable Niche Market for your Online Business
  • Do Your Research to Finalize a Profitable Niche
  • 8 Tips To Follow in Order To Avoid Online Business Failures

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business-empireStage 3: Business Empire

” Ideas are easy and implementation is hard” – Guy Kawasaki

This is the most difficult and challenging stage for every entrepreneur as it involved the nitty gritty part of the job to be done. It is your responsibility to take the massive action otherwise your ideas will just be your fantasy. Everyone can easily think of an idea but if no action is taken, then you might as well be leaving your chances of succeed behind.

Yes, there’s a lot of work involved and as a young entrepreneur, you probably have limited experience and knowledge and very often you found yourself stuck at certain stage. Most people avoid the situation or rush into it and reach out to other task on hand. Stay focus and do it step by step, otherwise you will realized yourself with a pile of unsolved work to be done. As every business is unique, little tweaks here and there are needed so you can test out which works and which doesn’t. 

At the very beginning, the first challenge you will encounter is to build a website/blog, which is essential if you want to start an online business. Thus, I have created a tutorial to help you jumpstart your first site, all the way to generating traffic, converting a customer and increasing your sales…

  • How to create a website and blog
  • Why building your own email list is important
  • Why search engine optimisation (SEO) is important for your website
  • Choosing the right keywords for your niche through SEO
  • Submit your website to Goggle, Bing and Yahoo so you can be listed in their search engine.
  • How to craft headline that draw people attention to visit your site page

Learn more



internet-marketingStage 4: Internet Marketing

You made it!

You have your products and service and you have your online store ready and now it is the time to promote and market it.
However, before you start, it is wiser to learn about the fundamental of internet marketing if you have no clue about marketing. This is more than a marketing strategy plan… you want to pick the best marketing platform and craft your headline or message in order to get the best return on investment (ROI) when you start to advertise.

In this session, I will share with you which are the best platform to a promote your business and marketing strategy that will help you get the best ROI.

  • How to generate traffic by using social media marketing for your business
  • Using persuasive writing and NLP will help in your overall business goal.
  • Why you should use email marketing for your business
  • Find out what is your customer lifetime value.
  • How to retain and convert a customer.
  • Take measurement and analysis to discover which investment has the best ROI.

Learn more



Outsource-and-automation Stage 5: Leverage

When your business is growing steadily, you can increase the power of leverage.
At this stage, you have more cash flow on hand which means you have the ability to get more things done in less time. The wealthy people understand that they need to make their money work hard for them so they can truly enjoy the their wealth.

In this session, I will share with you a various ways of “The power of leverage”.

Learn more ….


“A business takes time to build, and your job is to run a successful business”

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